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Airline Information Management System †Free Samples to Students

Question: Talk about the Airline Information Management System. Answer: Presentation The carrier business association involves a few complex business forms that necessities to finish to continue maintaining the business just as satisfying the requests of the customers or the clients. The proposed data framework will be liable for giving noteworthy degree of mechanization in handling and Management of business tasks (Hsu Liou, 2013). So as to help aircrafts framework in making their business progressively proficient by improving the speed and nature of the tasks the framework will help in accomplishing better execution levels in the market. The accompanying report comprises of conversation about the utilitarian and non-practical necessities of the data framework created for XYZ carriers. Notwithstanding that the utilization cases and depictions of those utilization cases for various sub frameworks, framework capacities are additionally examined in the various segments of this report. For flight reservation subsystem The clients need to enroll to the framework before they utilize the various functionalities of this sub framework. This subsystem of the aircraft data framework will be answerable for dealing with the booking of the travelers for the flights, crossing out of the booking and some other change in the reservation by the travelers. Other practical necessities are, giving log in interfaces to confirmed client access to the framework. This sub framework must erase the clients if the clients are latent for a half year or more. After the booking is finished by the traveler this module will send an affirmation to that particular client or the traveler. For movement administration reservation framework As the XYZ aircrafts gives the non-flight administrations to the travelers accordingly this sub arrangement of the proposed framework will offer types of assistance like the inn booking, transportation booking and different administrations. This sub framework will send sends and speaks with the colleagues to affirm the appointments by the travelers (Hsu Liou, 2013). Additionally when the booking is finished the framework will send insights regarding the booking to the traveler. Taking care of the finance of the representatives: This is the most significant usefulness of the human asset Management subsystem and dealing with the Payroll of the representatives is itself a mind boggling task which are stacked with conditions and association approaches, so this subsystem of the aircraft data framework need to finish this activity reliably for each individual resulting to figuring his/her leaves, additional working hours and various alternate points of view which impacts his month to month compensation. Enrollment and preparing: This module of the carrier data framework helps in sifting through the various exercises in the enlistment procedure authentically like, Management of up-and-comer resumes, shortlisting the possibility for the meeting board, setting the choice measures, number of round of meetings and various exercises which ought to be executed as the piece of the representative enlistment process. For Accounting and Finance subsystem Recording of the financial exchange: This subsystem of the proposed framework will help in convenient account of the monetary exchanges by the association just as by the travelers. This will assist the association with tracking the exhibition of the business execution in the market against its rivals. Age of the reports: This subsystem will be utilized to create financial reports that will support the chiefs or the leaders to decide the business techniques to improve its business and offer better types of assistance to the travelers (Hsu Liou, 2013). This reports will likewise help in the estimating the income for a period and to examine the variables that are answerable for accomplishing those front threw focus for the business. Computerization of the business power: This subsystem will finish the procedures that gives the administration gives a report comprising of clients buying or booking conduct, creating open doors for securing new customers, and dealing with the necessities of the various partners including the travelers. Computerization of promoting forms: This Provides the ability to create qualified leads, smooth out the business techniques and coordination among the deals and the showcasing offices while propelling new crusades and business procedures. Nonfunctional necessities for the diverse sub-frameworks The entirety of the above subsystem will have the equivalent non-useful prerequisites, for example, Straightforward and simple to explore interfaces: every one of the subsystem must give a simple to explore UI so anybody with insignificant specialized information can work and complete their obligations and assignments (Hsu Liou, 2013). Dependability: As the data framework are helpless against various sort of disappointments along these lines the framework must be solid and secure the secrecy and respectability of business information. Any utilization case is constantly started by a client due to a particular goal, and completes successfully when that goal is satisfied by utilizing the framework. It depicts the course of action of joint efforts among the distinctive sub frameworks and the clients to pass on the organization that satisfies the goal of the client (Sangar Iahad 2013). It furthermore fuses possible varieties of this arranging e.g., elective progressions that may satisfy the goal, and what's more groupings that may incite failure to complete the organization taking into account unprecedented direct, botch managing, etc. Condition for the proposed framework This proposed framework will be online framework. This will support the workers, chiefs and the travelers to get to the framework through the web whenever and from anyplace. So as to utilize the framework it is imperative to have a work station with processor Pentium 4 or higher with 100 GB of circle space. The working stage for this framework is recommended to be Linux or any variation of Linux which will guarantee the security of information (Hsu Liou, 2013). The front end or the UI of the framework will be planned utilizing the ASP.Net and the database of the framework will be taken care of utilizing the SQL server 2008. At whatever point any sort of client attempts to sign in the framework will deliver a sign in Interface. B after this the client will be given the interfaces according to the kind of the client. On the off chance that the client is an administrator or worker, at that point it will create interfaces like the Manage Employees, Manage Flights, and Generate Revenue reports, On the off chance that the client is a traveler, at that point the framework will give interfaces the choices like the Book Tickets, Check Booking Status, or Cancel Booking For the improvement of the data framework for the XYZ aircrafts it is chosen to utilize the nimble framework advancement technique. The explanation for this determination can be expressed as, the spry philosophy gives various open doors for the customer and the framework improvement group commitment in the advancement procedure previously, during and after every cycle of the turn of events (Sangar Iahad 2013). By remembering the client or the business association for every movement of the framework advancement venture, it helps in building up a significant level of coordinated effort between the client and improvement group, giving more opportunities to the gathering to truly appreciate the associations necessity and vision for the proposed framework. Framework vision report and WBS For building up the framework we expected that the XYZ carrier is confronting various issues in dealing with its distinctive business activity and it was incredibly difficult to manage their customers as the quantity of clients developing intensely. It was a direct result of their extraordinary customer administrations, for example, get and drop from the air terminal, giving non-flight administrations, for example, lodging booking, with this expanding number of clients they started to confront the issues with the satisfaction of the customer requests (Hsu Liou, 2013). The principle issue was that in manual record keeping record keeping framework and other disengaged business forms extreme measure of representatives were required, by and large dull procedure is incorporated, that made burden the two customers and furthermore to the administrators to deal with all the business forms while keeping up profitability from the business and furthermore the customer fulfillment. The completely evolved framework will have the option to perform examination of high volume, rapid business information preparing. This will guarantee the association to get quicker and precise correspondence about the business forms inside the association and with the different colleagues (Sangar Iahad 2013). Notwithstanding that the framework will diminish an opportunity to finish the errands by utilizing the mechanization of the framework which will guarantee quicker preparing of the information and fulfillment of the related assignments. Quicker and economical information get to: The proposed framework will encourage the workers, directors and the travelers of the carriers organization to get to a colossal measure of information, administrations through the framework from anyplace and whenever (Hsu Liou, 2013). Better co-appointment: The representatives of various divisions will have the option to convey better through having exactly the same information available to them at each time. It helps in having same information about the business forms among various divisions and confined frameworks. Upgraded process execution: As the framework will give and update the information at ongoing in this way any adjustment in any business activities will be effortlessly identified by the representatives or the chiefs which will assist them with redesigning the procedures to cop up with the new conditions and complete the distinctive business forms on schedule. Working cost decrease with upgraded profitability: The proposed application helps in advancing progressively capable activity of the association and moreover improves the flexibly of incorporated information to supervisors or the leaders; applying of this

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Capital Punishment Essays (570 words) - Penology, Criminal Justice

The death penalty When turning on the TV, radio, or just perusing the neighborhood paper, one is overpowered with updates on captures, murders, crimes, sequential executioners, and different genuine wrongdoings. It is uncommon not to experience a day in this world and not know about these things. All things considered, some administration authorities in our nation appear to be a piece dubious about what steps to take so as to limit the activities of genuine or then again potential guilty parties. Not exclusively is it carrying out a wrongdoing, yet additionally today, it is finishing ones life, either truly or in a jail cell. This is a hazard one is taking when he chooses to wound somebody with a blade or pull a trigger, yet is it truly up to our equity framework to choose one's destiny? There are numerous issues that address this inquiry of the death penalty, for example, religion, the impact on society, compensation being denied, the conceivable wrongly charged, and the privileges of the indicted. Be that as it may, how regularly do these ideas creep into the publics mind when it knows about our reasonable and trusty government removing somebody's breathing rights? The book of scriptures states, Thou will not murder, what's more, this being a transgression ought to must be rectified inside oneself. On the other hand, it likewise states, Don't pass judgment on others individual feelings. It is an administration's obligation to rebuff individuals that ignore the law to keep the world all together, however is it their entitlement to remove their lives? It is a Christian's duty to call attention to the individuals who sin that they do as such and this nation, confiding in God as it says it does, ought to do only that. A few individuals feel that compensation is conceded when one is condemned until the very end punishment. Be that as it may, if a friend or family member is killed and his family feels equity in having the killer experience the equivalent, is it not thought about similarly off-base? Pardoning and overlooking are altogether not feasible, however one ought to think about the idea of disappointment and regret. Similarly as one feels horrible when illegitimately passes through their neighbors yard, without a doubt a killer may feel the same. One is just human and nobody can anticipate any more. An error is a mix-up, regardless of whom it might hurt or what pulverization it might cause. There's consistently the possibility of the blameless being in an unlucky spot. A bunch of proof from a solid attorney could condemn somebody to life in jail, and even capital punishment. One could be going through and finishing his time on earth in bondage for essentially strolling down an inappropriate road on an inappropriate day. Should he need to serve the time that is not legitimately his and take the needle that shouldn't prick his skin? It's a little shortcoming in the equity framework that isn't anything but difficult to survive, however such's somebody's reality, and not realizing reality could be obliterating. Abraham Lincoln pronounced, All men are made equivalent. This announcement of truth has clearly been kept separate from thought in the court. Everybody merits another opportunity since they are on the whole fit for renewal. The wrongdoer ought to get the opportunity to return into the world and substantiate himself decent. On the off chance that fathoming defilement with shamelessness is the world's solution for compromise, at that point why not hack off the cheat's hand? An eye for an eye was the equity of the past. It is currently a cutting edge world dependent on rationale also, change. Should a legislature carry out a wrongdoing to legitimize another? On the off chance that the death penalty was exclusively founded on rebuffing the transgressors, there would be nobody left to infuse the needle or pull the switch on.

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Business plan for chinese restaurant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Strategy for chinese eatery - Essay Example The proprietors needed to give the market, understudies from the University and close by places, with a possibility for a snappy assistance eatery that offers quality food at a moderate cost. As an additional oddity, the proprietors will add a turn to the product offering by intertwining oriental Chinese cooking with western food to give clients something to rave about and return for. The fundamental vehicle for its Marketing is web based promoting, using the web as a primary device in drawing in the potential clients and tempting them into examining the items. Web based life and site design improvement apparatuses will be used to empower the organization to have a more extensive reach and centered showcasing. II. Market Opportunity/Problem Definition 1. Client Value Proposition Mr. Choi’s Kitchen will speak to clients who are consistently in a hurry in light of the fact that the business will adjust a cheap food idea and pacing. Customers will invest little energy to sit tigh t for their arranged food. This set up is best for occupied understudies, youthful experts and youthful wedded couples who have the purchasing limit and would need to appreciate exemplary Chinese food without the decorations and whine offered by the standard Chinese eateries. Proprietors have just made beginning execution arrangements focusing on college understudies. The underlying arrangement was to bring the Chinese café set up to the colleges, which is our objective market. This café will be finished with plunk down and eat in courtesies. Mr. Choi’s Kitchen focuses on the youthful group with its East meets west and cheap food idea. These are individuals who are consistently in a hurry, and would undoubtedly acknowledge food being served quick. For this situation, they can pick their dishes from among the wide exhibit of food items to be served ala-carte. 2. Client Landscape Our objective market is undergrads who need a fast and sound lunch or supper during their bustlin g educational time and intrigued by Asian food. In the time of 2012, there are 39,236 understudies and 12,053 workers in the University of Arizona. This is our essential objective market. They are a bustling gathering of individuals who might lean toward the administration of an inexpensive food chain. They are obliged by time because of school work, and are profoundly portable. They likewise have a propensity for snappy assistance. This figure does exclude other potential clients, for example, representatives working in organizations around University of Arizona or downtown of Tucson. The quantity of inhabitants around the grounds inside one mile span is around 20,000. 3. Industry Dynamics There are more than 600,000 eateries and food shops in the United States. Net yearly receipts complete more than $ 172 billion dollars for every year (National Restaurant Association 2012). It is one of the country’s biggest earning enterprises. The food business likewise utilizes more tha n ten million individuals, and produces a yearly finance of more than $ 34 Billion every year. In the article â€Å"How and Where America Eats†, over 40% of American families eat out at any rate one night out of every week. Americans, in general, have likewise gotten a lot busier. An ever increasing number of families presently have two earnings and all things considered, the convention of remaining at home and preparing suppers is evaporating. Among these foundations, a huge part offer Chinese cooking as their food sort. 4. Serious Landscape Our primary rivals incorporate Panda Express in the Student Union, Jimmy Johns on Park Ave., Chipotle Mexican Grill on University Blvd, and Bagel Talk in Park Student Union. They either have the comparable plan of action or

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Leading strategic change in health and social care - 1925 Words

Leading strategic change in health and social care (Term Paper Sample) Content: University Pedophilia: Leading strategic change in health and social care by Your Name Date Lecturer's Name and Course Number Leading strategic change in health and social care The defining factor of an effective senior manager is the ability to lead and manage sustainable strategic change in the unbalanced and random conditions the health and social organizations operating in today. As a manager in order to be able to lead strategic change in the health and social care, you need to understand and systematically analyze the context of change (Academy 2014). Identifying the context of change will enable the health managers to be aware of the range of things they should take into account. Some of the context of change they should take into consideration include the political, social, technical, economic organizational and also the professional environment of the health and social care workers who they are working for them. They also need to put into consideration and be able to understand and interpret the relevance of legislation and accountability of the frameworks they intend to put in place (Academy 2014). A good manager should also be able to prepare and also anticipate for the future by scanning for ideas, best practices and also the emerging trends that will impact on the health outcomes. In order for the manager to be able to make strategic changes in the health and social care, they should be able to develop and communication aspirations with their social workers in order to be able to view how receptive they shall be to the changes (Academy 2014). The other thing that they need to put into consideration is they should be able to investigate the triggers to change in the health and social care. Some of the triggers to change in the health care include demographic changes which can be defined as the changes in the population structure of the people (Maccoby 2013). There can either be an increase in old people which can trigger changes in the healthcare and also social services. Other triggers include certain factors such as in order to improve the day to day efficiency in order to be able to sustain and promote the cultural standards within the health and social care facility (Maccoby 2013). Some of the types of strategic and operational changes that can be incorporated include changing of the professional roles in the health and social care facilities. This will not only have the effect of improving the patient's outcome and experience but also make most use of the skills of the professionals in social and health care facility (Maccoby 2013). Another strategic operation change is tightening the eligibility of the criteria by social authorities which results to an increase in the unmet needs. Reforming the funding of long term care will have the effect of establishing a new settlement between the state and the individuals. The manager has several roles in leading organizational change in healthcare and also in social care. For instance, the manager should ensure that the change in the healthcare is obligated to acquiring and maintaining the expertise needs to undertake their professional tasks and those they are only obligated to undertake the tasks under which they are competent in (Al-Abri 2007). The manager should also ensure that he is able to handle the complexity of the change process that is being experienced in the organization by being able to evaluate, plan and implement he operations, tactics not forgetting the strategies in order to ensure that the change they are making is relevant and worthwhile (Al-Abri 2007). In order for the manager to be able to manage and handle the change process effectively, he must incorporate several change management theories and models. The most appropriate change management models to be utilized by the manager are the Lewin's change management model, McKinsey 7-S Model and the Kotter's 8 Step change model (Tiffany and Lutjens 1997). The Lewins change management model will offer the manager with three stages of change which are the unfreeze stage, transition stage and the refreeze stage. Thus model will provide a long but easy way to execute the change process no matter how complex it may seem. The McKinsey 7-S model will offer the manager with a holistic approach giving him with seven factors to consider while implementing the change. These are, the manager should be able to identify the following crucial factors present in the organization which are the shared values, the strategy, the structure of the organization, the systems present in the organization, the styles, the staff and finally the skills possessed by the staff (Tiffany and Lutjens 1997). This method will offer an effective method of diagnosing and also understanding the organization and also will provide guidance all through the organization's change process. The final model is the Kotter's step change model which will make the change process to appear as a campaign whereby the leaders will convince the employees of the urgency of the need to perform change in an organization. This shall be made so by provision of eight steps which should be followed by the manager during the change process. This model is the best because it simplifies the change process into a stepwise process and also transition is made easier by the use of this model (Tiffany and Lutjens 1997). During the changing process, there shall be resistance to change from either the healthcare and social care employees or even from outside the health and social care facilities. There can exist opposition of the ideas for several reasons which include disagreements and confusions over the key information of the idea. This can be from the employees who may be experiencing lack of information leading to disagreeing with the idea itself. This kind of resistance can also be caused by a mere confusion apart from lack of exposure (Balogun 2014). Another reason to resistance to change can be as a result of psychological and emotional reaction to change. This entails people's response to the proposed change and is often based on fear of losing face, friends the control they had over their jobs and so on. Another reason for the resistance to change can be based on the fact that the people are not resisting the idea of change, in fact they like it, and they are just resisting you, the proposer of the change. This can be caused by their historical experience with you and as a result they may resist you or the people you represent (Balogun 2014). In order for the manager to be able to deal with the resistance to change, he can incorporate several measures in order to limit and overcome the resistance to change. The manager should ensure that he has given the people more information and convincing arguments and also detailed fact about the change he intends to bring into the organization (Balogun 2014). In order to do this he must ensure that he is influential by having clearly set specific outcomes and their expected outcomes. This can be best done by performing presentations and also sessions involving questions and answers. Another way to deal with resistance is by the manager discussing and fully exploring the idea of change with the staff. At this point, the manager should ensure that he is able to listen and also perform meaningful dialogues with all the involved stakeholders who incorporate the employees and the workers in healthcare and social care. the manager can also ensure that he starts to build or rather rebuild relationships with the employees before introducing the idea of change. This will help him regain trust from the employees which will help in the implementation of the idea of change. The change management strategies must also incorporate several ways of building good connections with the employees as you plan and implement the idea (Balogun 2014). Performing change in healthcare and social care can have several impacts on the culture of the organization. For instance an organization can be having a perfect strategic plan but the culture can hinder the implementation of such strategic plan. This therefore implies that in order for an organization to be able to perform certain change, the management of the organization must be able to consider the culture of the organization (Eden, 2003). This is because culture is the one that dictates the performance of the organization and also it tells more about a certain organization because it holds the beliefs and values that shape the behavior and also that dictate how things are done. The stakeholders of an organization also play an important role to the change of an organization. This is because the stakeholders are the key features in the management of the organization and they should therefore be considered before implementing change in an organization because they dictate the marketing, branding and also corporate social responsibility. The stakeholders should be able to realize the benefits of certain changes being incorporated in the organization in order for them to be able to initiate it (Pennington 2003). In order to ensure professional staff is committed to the strategic change, the manager should be able to incorporate several measures which would motivate them. An example is whereby the manager can establish preconditions for the change whereby formal and informal strategies can be developed to harness the individuals to change. This will also have the effect of reducing resistance from the workers through informal discussions and dialogues. There are several techniqu...

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Tenir le coup - French Expression

Expression: Tenir le coup Pronunciation: [ teu neer leu koo] Meaning: to cope, hold up, handle, make it through; to stay the course Literal translation: to hold the blow Register: normal Notes The French expression tenir le coup can be used for both people and things. For people, tenir le coup means to cope with a difficult situation. For things, it indicates that something is holding up, such as evidence or the economy. Examples   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ãƒâ€¡a a à ©tà © un choc atroce, mais il tient le coup.   Ã‚  Ã‚  It was a terrible shock, but hes coping.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Je ne pense pas que là ©conomie puisse tenir le coup.   Ã‚  Ã‚  I dont think the economy can hold up. More Expressions with tenirExpressions with coupMost common French phrases

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Discrimination And Immigration Policy Problems - 850 Words

Discrimination and Immigration Policy problems Canadian s immigration policies have been known to discriminate based on ethnicity. are speaks a lot to how Canadians shifted in accepting more immigrants, not necessarily because of an expanded view and approval for other ethnicities, but for labor and economic reasons. The post-war era required skillful workers, and now that European migration stalled Canada removed tightly bound racist policies ( Source 2). Before and during World War two, Canada s immigration Acts particularly the Chinese Immigration Act (1923) were both extremely exclusive and racist. From 1900 to 1965 Canada s immigration policy favored the British, American and European immigrants. This is what has given Canada the narrative of a white man s country. It wasn t until Diefenbaker and Pearson government s revised the immigration acts and removed Anglo-European preference. Once immigration expanded to non-European countries Canadians thought their racist roots had perished, however, racist attitudes are st ill alive. Though multiculturalism is good in theory the federal policy generates difficulties. The country has deep roots in racism and is not immune to discrimination. While most people refrain from direct expressions racism, they will often condone, overlook or be blatantly unaware of the fundamental ways in which society s institutions and immigration policy. (source 4) The mmigration policy adopted in the 1970 s created a pointShow MoreRelatedEssay about The 1999 Immigration and Asylum Seekers Act1491 Words   |  6 PagesThe 1999 Immigration and Asylum Seekers Act To begin with this essay will give reasons why the 1999 Immigration and Asylum Seekers Act was introduced, also the measures put in place to deal with this issue. Secondly, the measures Labour implemented to tackle this asylum issue, the affect of the voucher scheme on social welfare and its criticism’s. Additionally this essay will explore the affects of the Enforced Dispersal element of the 1999 Act and it’s implicationsRead MoreImmigration Policy And Its Impact On America882 Words   |  4 Pagespermanently settling in America, the immigration policy has affected all aspects of society in terms of growth and development of economy, societal issues, and national security. As the immigration policy is a broad topic among senators, it needs to be prioritize for it to be better understood. In doing so will improve the immigration policy and grasp the significance of its impact in America. Many of the values that brings America together as a nation, is due to immigration. America is a melting pot ofRead MoreThe Problems Of Integration Of Immigrants1300 Words   |  6 PagesThe problems of integration of Immigrants in Canada: What problems did the high skilled immigrant s faces? Introduction Even though the Canada is historically was settled and developed by immigrants, the immigration and integration of migrants are still controversial issues in Canada. Integration is also a multidimensional process involving economic, social, political, and cultural integration. Unfortunately, current immigration policies in Canada’s new economy have primarily focused on economicRead MoreIn 1931, James Truslow Adams Conceived The American Dream973 Words   |  4 Pagesas many say ironically say, Make American White Again. Since Trump took office in January 1, 2017, he has imposed fear and discrimination for immigrants. Some of these actions include building a wall on the southern border and a travel ban for several Muslim countries. Because Trump’s proposed immigration policies cause more harm than good, including chaos and discrimination, they should not be implemented in the United States. Since its foundation the, U.S has been a country that receives peopleRead MorePros And Cons Of Undocumented Immigrants1701 Words   |  7 Pagesbe granted citizenship without going through all the hardships such as inhumane treatments, labeling/categorizing, harassment and detains. Undocumented immigrants are always supposedly up to no good and seen as the enemy. â€Å"There is no need for immigration so why have it?† you may ask. Throughout the years, many people have traveled to the United States from other countries to get a well paying job in order to maintain their families, to provide everything it takes to be successful for their kidsRead MoreThe Enactment Of Arizona Immigration Laws1241 Words   |  5 Pagesstatement: The enactment of Arizona immigration laws is the result of long-standing structural racism effects, and the practice of these laws leads to unconstitutional racial profiling concerns that target the Latino community on the basis of ethnicity. B. Description of paper / argument: a. In this paper, I will first discuss the historical development of structural racism in Arizona. b. Second, I will examine and analyze Arizona’s current immigration policies. c. Finally, I will discuss unconstitutionalRead MoreIllegal Immigration in America Essay857 Words   |  4 PagesIllegal immigration at the U.S. - Mexico border is a growing problem, and the death toll is rising as more people are attempting to illegally enter the United States. As a result of an increasing number of people trying to enter into the United States illegally, the border is now being guarded by an increasing number of border patrol officers. The United States implemented different laws and operations to prevent more illegal immigration from Mexico into the United States. The ‘Operation Gatekeeper’Read MoreThe Face Of Education And The Changes It Has Undertaken Throughout History1425 Words   |  6 Pagesfor centuries, but with a greater immigration movement and presence, an educator s’ ability is limited and the fate of such children are left to suffer. Pulling from America’s position as a â€Å"melting pot† of different cultures and p eople, students should not be subjugated to poverty and educational ignorance just because of their status as an â€Å"illegal immigrant,† a distinction made by the choices of their parents and the situations of their past. Illegal immigration is not by choice to intrude uponRead MoreImmigration And Nationality Act Of 1952 Essay1223 Words   |  5 PagesImmigration Immigration to the United States has become a significant public and political debate, questions primarily surrounding inflow, roles in the labor market, admission policies, benefits, and costs. In 1952, Congress proposed and passed the Immigration and Nationality Act, also known as the McCarran-Walter Act, to revise the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, signed by President Truman, was initially drafted to excludeRead MoreWithout a doubt, the European continent has been through a lot over the last few decades. From900 Words   |  4 Pageslast few decades. From World War 2, to the iron grip of Soviet Russia on half of the continent, many problems have arisen and been dealt with. Unfortunately, Europe has had a rough few years when it comes to the somewhat newer issue of immigration and immigrant groups. While some countries have managed immigration better than others, nations such as France and Italy have had their fair share of problems and continue to pass legislation that is flawed and draws criticism from other countries. The issue

Psychology Breast Cancer

Question: Discuss about thePsychology forBreast Cancer. Answer: Introduction The paper deals with the case study of Mary who is diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. In this stage breast cancer, this has not spread beyond the axillary lymph nodes (Lyman et al., 2014). In refference to the case study, the paper presents the emotional, cognitive, and behavioural responses that Mary is likely to experience in relation to this diagnosis. In relation to the illness, the potential risks and the protective factors relevant to Marys situation is also discussed. Discussion The emotional responses of Mary in relation to distress include fear of severe symptoms such as pain, trouble sleeping, and fatigue. She is under severe shock about the future consequences. Further, she is concerned about her body image disruption, unable to breastfeed her babies, sexual dysfunction. She is worried with intrusive thoughts about the disease. Since, Mary has no support from her husband who is deployed for over 12 months, she is highly vulnerable to chronic depression (Park Rosenstein, 2015). She communicates with her parents on a regular basis. She has not seen them physically after the birth of her twin boys. Due to lack of emotional and moral support from her loved ones, she has persistent anxiety. This is the risk factor for worsening of her condition (Fernandes-Taylor et al., 2014). Due to lack of marital communication, Mary is overwhelmed with concerns regarding the inability to control adverse situation. In addition, Mary has poor social connectedness as lives i n housing provided through the defence force for the families of service men. She has no family living nearby. There is a risk of increasing uncertainty about the future. Further, emotional concerns include the risk of financial burden and other socio-economic factors (Berman et al., 2014). The common behavioural concerns of Mary in response to the diagnosis are disturbances in sleep, energy, mood, and cognition. As it is seen that Mary has several psychosocial concerns, there is a risk that she may lack positive behavioural response towards her illness (Manne et al., 2014). Due to lack of care and compassion in her life, Mary is at risk of not being able to cope up with her disease symptoms. She is at risk of overtly critical behaviour. According to Berman et al., (2014) coping strategies that are based on the realistic expectation are found to be effective in adapting to the illness over time. However, for Mary there is a risk of poor coping behaviour also known as behavioural disengagement due to lack of realistic expectations (Stanton Bower, 2015). Her behaviour towards screening, adherence to medication and treatment of the cancer may be affected if the psychosocial needs are unmet. It in turn increases the risk of having poor quality of life and mental well-being . Considering the case study of Mary, it can be interpreted that she may have maladaptive cognitive processing. Cognitive processing refers to realising and accepting the illness as a reason to reconsider the priorities. The rationale for this interpretation is the unsupportive behaviour of her partner. Her husband fails to be present at time of her delivery. Therefore, she may experience non-sharing of her concerns and daily events. It increases the risk of holding back the sharing of her concerns and mental disengagement (Jung et al., 2016). Cognitive processing may be effected due to risk of fatigue, insomnia, depression and cognitive disturbance (National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre, 2009). It may also affect her mental resilience, childcare responsibilities, activities of daily living and performances (Wu et al., 2013). Mary has several protective factors relevant to her situation. She can accept the global meaning to her illness that is everything happens for a reason. It may help her reconsider her priorities and reduce intrusive thoughts (Stanton Bower, 2015). She is at young age and is at early stage. Mary can call her parents to stay with her. It may help her meet her needs of compassion and care. It will consequently assist Mary in coping mechanism. Counselling session can help her in developing mental resilience (Hooper, 2009). According to Pinto?Gouveia et al., (2014) psychopathological symptoms related to depression and stress can be decreased by increasing self-compassion. Self-compassionate attributes are beneficial in improving the psychological adjustment. Engaging in physical activity such as exercises and yoga, mindfulness based activities. Improving health literacy can help cope with the illness by participating in health promoting behaviour (Nyrop et al., 2016). Conclusion In conclusion, Mary may have detrimental effects due to unsupportive behaviour of her partner. 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